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What We Do Matters

Corporate responsibility is an important part of our overall business philosophy. We strive to have a positive community impact by serving our local community.  In conjunction with the services our business offers, Lighthouse Management Group partners with other businesses, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations in California in support of a local economy that promotes education, entrepreneurship, and diversity.



We have a passion for education. We work hard to foster access to higher education so that we continue to develop business and community leaders. We have partnered with local colleges and universities in various programs to continue our commitment to education.  From internships and workshops to scholarships and fund-raising, we aim to make a difference.



Every company was once a "start-up". Without entrepreneurs, the world wouldn’t be what it is today. We are strong supporters of entrepreneurship and innovation. The more entrepreneurs, the more jobs, the better our overall economy. Lighthouse Management Group is proud to be the title sponsors of the annual FastPrivate Awards as well as the Idea & Innovation Awards.


Lighthouse Management Group embraces diversity and continues to promote diversity in all facets of life. In 2011, Lighthouse Management Group started a scholarship fund called the Lighthouse Scholarship for Diversity.