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Lighthouse Management Group is a specialized professional staffing and recruiting firm. Our Recruiters and Staffing Consultants will assist you in finding you a position that matches your skills and experience level. We are well equipped and efficient in finding you employment because of our breadth of experience and strong relationships we've built with top companies. Our success depends on your success.

Career opportunities

According to many analysts, early estimates for the staffing industry show a growth of 10% to 13% annually which is well above the 3% to 4% GDP growth expected by most economists. Moreover, the BLS predicts that more jobs will be created in personnel supply services than in any other industry in this decade, and that it will be one of the fastest-growing industries during that span.

Furthermore, as the economy continues to grow, so will businesses, prompting a higher need in personnel. However, it will be more difficult for them to identify the type of talent that they are seeking because the labor market is even tighter. So how will businesses resolve this problem? Simply put, they will see even more value in turning to staffing firms to assist them with their hiring needs. It is clearly apparent that the staffing industry will continue its upward trend through this decade and beyond.

Lighthouse Management Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.